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Copyright© Peter Kanold: The fonts I created listed below are Public Domain – copying and redistribution of the fonts and control program are encouraged – please use them in any way you like.



All my current fonts are available on

These fonts are used for mechanical engineering. There are 3 available Y14.5M.ttf, Y14.5M-2009.ttf and WeldSymbols.ttf.

Y14.5M: Creates ASME Y14.5M GD&T feature control frames.To get this font please go to

Y14.5M-2009: Is the new update to the 2009 version of the ASME Y14.5M spec.  This font is capable of composite feature control frames and includes the welding symbols. This is a unicode font so some of the characters may not work in older non-unicode programs.

WeldSymbols: Has the unicode weld symbols from the Y14.5M-2009 moved to the non-unicode characters.



Both fonts are included in these zip files: Y14.5M-2009 (version 1) and Y14.5-2009-Setup (version – XP & Windows-7 compatible) as well as a program to assist in creating composite feature control frames.

August 2013 – Added a new version of:   Y14.5-2009-Setup_2.0.3.2.  This includes an updated control program and a new font named Y14.5-2009.ttf that has some new symbols and some minor corrections to the font and welding symbols:

The font uses some unusual metrics for boxing characters. To learn how to use the font, read the PDF files included in the ZIP file above.

Here are some screen captures of the Y14.5-2009 program:





April 2012 – Updated the Y14.5M-2009 program zip file

May 2012 – Added version 2.0 of the font generation program (Y14.5-2009-Setup). This has had little testing so far so there may be some bugs here and there.
Updated to Version – Corrected some formatting and tolerance value bugs

December 2012 – Added verion Y14.5-2009-Setup_2013-08-14 .  This includes an updated control program and a new font named Y14.5-2009.ttf that has some new symbols and some minor corrections to the font.

May 2013 -Here’s a couple pictures of my GD&T App for the BlackBerry 10 devices that uses the font:

The APP is only available to BlackBerry Employees and BlackBerry Business partners on the internal APPs page. It is not currently on the The BlackBerry App World site.

August 2013 – Updated the Y14.5-2009 windows program to print weld symbols in both directions: Y14.5-2009-Setup_2013-08-14

January 2014 – Added an option for color. Not a full install, just the main exe file: Y14.5-2009

February 2014 – Added a no-arrows option to the weld symbols and a transparent background option to the Colors menu. Just the main EXE file:  Y14.5-2009

September 2014 – Corrected weld symbols not copying correctly. Just the main EXE file: Y14.5-2009

August 2015 – This is the complete install with some minor updates: Y14.5-2009_2015-08-28

July 2017 – Android App Available here:  Android GD&T App
Includes some additional functions:



August 2017 -New Version of the Y14.5M-2009 program : Y14.5-2009_2017-08-22


August 2017 – New version of the Y14.5M-2009 program that adds a  feature datum reference in the Feature Control Frame and Composite tabs: Y14.5-2009_2017-08-27


July 2018 – Here are the raw fonts that were missing from the last update: Y14.5-2009_Fonts



July 2018- New version with a copy of the fonts in case they don’t install correctly: Y14.5-2009_2018-07-06


Here are the font table and instructions for use outside the FCF generator program:
FontTable and Y15 5M-2009FontInfo

73 thoughts on “Fonts

  1. Much better and far more complete than the one I wasted $29.95 on from Kanecal a while back. Thank you!

    FYI: The PDF character table, however, has some mis-nomenclature. the names from “concentricity” through “runout” don’t match the symbols shown. Not that it matters much, as I’ll be using CHARMAP.EXE to place them into Rhino 4 in any case.

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for the really interesting font. We’re looking into possibly using your font within the BRL-CAD open source solid modeling system for annotations. One note of curiosity, though, is your license statement:

    “Copyright© Peter Kanold: The fonts I created listed below are Public Domain”

    You’re either claiming copyright or it’s in the public domain, not both. Public domain implies a lack of copyright claim. You might consider using something like the Open Font License ( ) if you want to retain copyright while still allowing relatively unrestricted use. Regardless, your intention seems clear so thank you again.


  3. Great job on the font and the program, it works very well and has aided me in generating CAD procedures for my company.

  4. I would like to copy symbols from the font table to paste into a MS Wrd/Excel 2007 document. Is this possible? Instead of concentricity it displays lowercase mu…
    many thanks!

  5. You can download the program to assist in creating feature control frames that is on my Fonts page:
    The program will allow you to copy the font as a bitmap that you can paste in you document. Using a bitmap will not require the font to be installed on computers accessing the documents.
    You could also try using the Accessories>System Tools>Character Map program.
    Selecting the text you want to change and selecting the Y14.5M-2009 from the font drop-down might also do the trick.
    Version 2.0 is here:
    May-02-2012 -OO-

  6. The font seems to work well on my tablet PC with the tablet edition of Windows XP. Is there a way to install the font on a Mac?

    Thank you in advance.


  7. On the Mac, open “Font Book” under Applications and drag and drop then Y14.5M-2009.ttf file into Font Book and you should be able to use the font.

  8. Pete
    This is a fantastic aid to people writing documenatation regarding GD&T, many thanks for allowing its download.
    Best regards

  9. Great program…I have tried it at home and I work in Areospace..pressing real hard to have it installed here at work..Thanks a will be very helpful for us

  10. Thanks Peter for this most useful font set. It is saving me much time in filling in AS9102 forms for my First Article Inspection Reports. In My case, because the form is in Excel format, when the FCF or other GD&T things get pasted into the cell, Excel defaults to the font of the cell, not what’s copied into it (old version of Excel, old decrepit computer). The fix is easy though. I just change the font to the Y14.5M-2009 font and it is corrected automatically. Just letting you know so that this trick may get passed on to others who may have had the same thing happen. Thanks again for making this wonderful font and FCF generator program available!

  11. @Richard E. Bagnall
    One thing to remember regarding this is that the font must be installed on the any computer using the spread sheet. Printing the spread sheet to a PDF eliminates this problem.

  12. Hey just downloaded the Y14.5-2009 setup app. Was just testing it out but if you try to open the Help>About on the second instance I’m getting an Unhandled exception error, “Overlapping link regions.” its possible to continue thru the error trap, but its probably something easy to fix.

    Thanks for making this free its just what I was looking for. Placing the icon right next to Convert on my Desktop.

  13. Thanks Jeremy. I will look into fixing this up. I never considered people might run more than one instance. 🙂

  14. This is an excellent program, thanks a lot! Is there a way to flip the direction of the weld arrow and tail horizontally?

  15. Rafael,

    This is currently not possible using the feature control frame creator program. If I get ambitious, I may add it, but it is unlikely to happen for a while.


  16. Llyod,

    I haven’t tried it, but It is a true type font and should be available to any program that allows you to select fonts once you have installed the font on your computer.


  17. I’m currently working your font into a spreadsheet I need to create. I would have some use for a missing Y14.5-2009 symbol called “ALL OVER”, basically its the “ALL AROUND” symbol with a concentric circle at the bend, instead of the single circle.

  18. @Jeremy Comment

    You can get this symbol by using the two characters ūũ together. You can also type them into WORD using alt+363, alt+361 and then copy them to EXCEL. I don’t think EXCEL will let you use the ‘alt’ codes directly.

    If you are using the font control program, you can get the symbols from the ‘Direct Type’ tab, pressing the more key […] (near the bottom left) and selecting character numbers 363 and 361 from the table.

    If I feel ambitious, I may add them to the main page of the ‘Direct Type’ tab in the future.

    I am happy you have found the font useful.

  19. WOW! This is seriously cool.

    I do a lot of marked up engineering drawings for our world-wide detailing pool. We use different colors to indicate different instruction types so we don’t get lost in translation. Any chance you can add an option to set the bitmap color to, say, red-on-white or blue-on-white, etc… via a simple color palette?

    A big THANKS!!!

  20. I am glad you find it useful. That makes three of us. 🙂
    Thanks for the suggestion, I am uploading a color version later today. Color is now a menu option.

  21. Peter:

    A couple more suggestions for enhancement.

    1) Add a background color option to be “tranparrent”.

    2) Add an option to not include leaders/arrows, in otherwords just the symbol. We can add the leader line in our markup tool.

    Tadd King
    Caterpillar Inc.

  22. Peter:

    I tried the PNG option for transparent backgroud but I cannot paste that type of graphic into Adobe Acrobat. I think it would have to be a TIF or BMP w/transparent background to work.

    Another question; Is there a way to create planar datum symbols i.e. A B C.

    Tadd King

  23. Thanks for the colors addition. I tried the PNG option but I get a “The clipboard doesn’t contain an image” error in Paint.NET.

    BTW: I’ve influenced one peer in my section to install it on his PC for drawing markups. How do you feel about corporate installs?

    Caterpillar Inc.

  24. I may investigate the Adobe PDF paste issue if I get some time. I doesn’t paste TIFF either. 🙁
    As for corporate installs, this is absolutely fine and encouraged.

  25. Great Font. I have a question. Do you have text example of how to create each of the GDT FCF.?

    I am haveing issues formating for Weld symbols and the composite frames.

    Thank you.


  26. Hi Peter,

    I found your GD&T font on FontSpace and it works amazingly. Thanks for uploading it to the public domain for everyone to enjoy!

    I was hoping you might consider submitting it to Google Fonts ( or at least upload just the basic .tff to FontSpace. That way it could be used in any web page or email using the Font-Face CSS3 import rule (

    Thanks again!

  27. Devin,
    I uploaded it as you suggested.
    This a public domain font with no real copyright. You can upload it anywhere / anytime you like – no need to check with me.
    But thanks none the less (My narcissistic side likes it when I get credit, but it is not necessary).

  28. Steven,

    The weld symbols work best if you use the WeldSymbols font here (and on this site as well): link

    There is also a font generation program for composite GD&T and welds included on this site that may help: here

    It will put an image of the created weld symbol on the clipboard where you can paste it into a document.

    Some of the symbols use unusual metrics (some characters have no vertical advance so it they will appear on top of the preceeding character). This can make thing confusing if you don’t know which is which.
    There is also a PDF with the program mentioned above that may be helpful in getting some understanding of how this works.

    I hope this helps a little.

  29. My system seems to have an error going on where the weld symbols have breaks in the lines. It also does not copy and paste the tail and any text I add into the tail callout. Never had this problem before the most recent updates. Not sure if it’s a glitch on my end or the software. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  30. Hi Peter,
    I have used your fonts and character generator (Y14.5-2009.exe) for a couple of years now. I am trying to update to the latest fonts and .exe for colors.

    When I try to run the Y14.5-2009.exe I get an error stating that it cannot the Y14.5-2009 font. It then reports an “Error 91 (Object variable or With block variable not set.) in Procedure FormMain_Load of Form FormMain. What am I missing?

  31. Joe,

    All I can recommend is try installing the Y14.5-2009.ttf and WeldSymbols.ttf fonts directly into the font folder. Here are a few method to install the font if you are unsure how to do this:
    I hope that corrects the problem. Restarting the computer may also be required to ensure the fonts will work correctly with the program.


  32. Hi Peter,

    Thank you so much for developing this awesome software and placing it into public domain!

    I have been searching for a tool as excellent as this off and on for some time.

    The 1st time I started using the software to create AS9102 FAIR’s I noticed another item it would be nice that the software would generate especially for excel spreadsheets where it is sometimes difficult to align everything in a cell the way you would like it to appear.

    2x Ø.098 -.001

    2x Ø .5620

    in the above examples the dimensions are on 2 lines. On the drawings the dimensions would be shifted down slightly so that the 2x Ø would be in the center of the high and low dimension callouts.

    Thank You,

  33. Peter,

    In the above email the +.004 SHOULD BE DIRECTLY ABOVE THE -.001

    and the .5628 should be directly above the .5620.

    Again Thank You,

  34. I have used your program in the past and it is great. I need to install it on a new computer. However, when I try to run the installer I get an error message: “This advertised application will not be installed because it might be unsafe…”

    I also downloaded the executable, but it is looking for the Y14.5-2009 font (not Y14.5M-2009), and I can’t find that font anywhere.

    Any suggestions?

  35. This is an AWESOME tool you have created! I would like to recommend you add a function allowing for the creation of multiple datums where each datum can use a material condition modifier if necessary (See ASME Y14.5-2009 pages 67,68,85,88 & 89). I use this datum methodology VERY frequently for somewhat flexible assemblies (like exhaust systems that have multiple attachment points on the vehicle). Thank you for your consideration of this functionality and if you need any more input you can contact me at the email listed above.

    Kind Regards
    Steven Rakowski, GDTP-Sr. (0360)

  36. If i understand you correctly, you can already do this in the current version. You can type any values you want in the datum name text boxes. Material condition modifiers can be added in any text box by typing the alt code to the symbol. For example, while holding down the alt key and typing 0204 on the number pad the MMC modifier will appear in the text box. If this isn’t what you mean, please send me more information about what you are looking for.

  37. The zip file for the August 28, 2015 program/font ( includes a .application file instead of an MSI file which both give an error (approx. 1.5 page log file).

  38. Please provide specifications to run MSI in silent mode (no user interaction). Would like to know command line parameters to do silent install and silent uninstall as well as specify installation path, shortcuts, etc.

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