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Copyright© Peter Kanold: The fonts I created listed below are Public Domain – copying and redistribution of the fonts and control program are encouraged – please use them in any way you like.



All my current fonts are available on

These fonts are used for mechanical engineering. There are 3 available Y14.5M.ttf, Y14.5M-2009.ttf and WeldSymbols.ttf.

Y14.5M: Creates ASME Y14.5M GD&T feature control frames.To get this font please go to

Y14.5M-2009: Is the new update to the 2009 version of the ASME Y14.5M spec.  This font is capable of composite feature control frames and includes the welding symbols. This is a unicode font so some of the characters may not work in older non-unicode programs.

WeldSymbols: Has the unicode weld symbols from the Y14.5M-2009 moved to the non-unicode characters.



Both fonts are included in these zip files: Y14.5M-2009 (version 1) and Y14.5-2009-Setup (version – XP & Windows-7 compatible) as well as a program to assist in creating composite feature control frames.

August 2013 – Added a new version of:   Y14.5-2009-Setup_2.0.3.2.  This includes an updated control program and a new font named Y14.5-2009.ttf that has some new symbols and some minor corrections to the font and welding symbols:

The font uses some unusual metrics for boxing characters. To learn how to use the font, read the PDF files included in the ZIP file above.

Here are some screen captures of the Y14.5-2009 program:





April 2012 – Updated the Y14.5M-2009 program zip file

May 2012 – Added version 2.0 of the font generation program (Y14.5-2009-Setup). This has had little testing so far so there may be some bugs here and there.
Updated to Version – Corrected some formatting and tolerance value bugs

December 2012 – Added verion Y14.5-2009-Setup_2013-08-14 .  This includes an updated control program and a new font named Y14.5-2009.ttf that has some new symbols and some minor corrections to the font.

May 2013 -Here’s a couple pictures of my GD&T App for the BlackBerry 10 devices that uses the font:

The APP is only available to BlackBerry Employees and BlackBerry Business partners on the internal APPs page. It is not currently on the The BlackBerry App World site.

August 2013 – Updated the Y14.5-2009 windows program to print weld symbols in both directions: Y14.5-2009-Setup_2013-08-14

January 2014 – Added an option for color. Not a full install, just the main exe file: Y14.5-2009

February 2014 – Added a no-arrows option to the weld symbols and a transparent background option to the Colors menu. Just the main EXE file:  Y14.5-2009

September 2014 – Corrected weld symbols not copying correctly. Just the main EXE file: Y14.5-2009

August 2015 – This is the complete install with some minor updates: Y14.5-2009_2015-08-28

July 2017 – Android App Available here:  Android GD&T App
Includes some additional functions:



August 2017 -New Version of the Y14.5M-2009 program : Y14.5-2009_2017-08-22


August 2017 – New version of the Y14.5M-2009 program that adds a  feature datum reference in the Feature Control Frame and Composite tabs: Y14.5-2009_2017-08-27


July 2018 – Here are the raw fonts that were missing from the last update: Y14.5-2009_Fonts



July 2018- New version with a copy of the fonts in case they don’t install correctly: Y14.5-2009_2018-07-06


Here are the font table and instructions for use outside the FCF generator program:
FontTable and Y15 5M-2009FontInfo

73 thoughts on “Fonts

  1. I am getting a “publisher could not be verified” error whenever the Y14.5-2009.exe program is run. Is there anything you can do to fix this? Is there something I can do to prevent this message box from displaying each time the program is run?

  2. Does anyone have fix for the y14.5-900 fount generator? It seems that when i add profile of a Surface into excell. It shows up as profile of a line but still prints as profile of a surface. Is there anyone who can help with this.

  3. I produce this program entirely for my own entertainment. I am not interested in investing in getting a code signing certificate.

  4. All I can recommend is try to change the cell height or reducing the font size to see if that corrects the problem.

  5. Thank you for a great tool.

    Request to add the <= (one space) symbol. This is (or will be) used extensively when refining surface texture specifications.
    Thank you.

  6. I know I’m missing something obvious, but how do I change the font color in the FCF Generator?

  7. Larry

    Can you please send me a link or a jpeg of the actual symbol as used in a surface finish callout?


  8. Great program for those of us that actually like this stuff! Appreciate all the work you’ve put into it. Just wondering though: any chance you’re looking to put together a Portable version that doesn’t require an install (beyond the font itself)? Love the program, but can’t install anything on my machine.



  9. I installed your fonts downloaded from ASME website

    While running the Exe file, it often throws an error (snapshot in the below link), say error 1, i’m not sure how to get rid of this; i tried renaming the file to “Y14.5-2009” but it didn’t work, it showed another error, say error 2. However if I tried renaming the file to “Y14.5-2009 Font Set” I got the error 1 again.

  10. The errors look like they are related to the font not being installed. Download the Raw fonts, which I had forgot to include in the last update, that are now available on the Fonts page. Please add the two font files to the Fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts) on your computer. You can just drag and drop them in and it should work. You may have to restart your computer after they are added.
    Fonts are here: Fonts


  11. You are likely missing the required fonts. Please download the Raw fonts that are now available on the Fonts page and add them to the Fonts directory (C:\Windows\Fonts) on your computer.
    Fonts are here: Fonts


  12. Hi,
    I’ve used your font in the past (love it), and came by to get an updated version. However, I do not see the PDF that describes how to use the font or what the mapping is, from keys to symbols. Where would I obtain that?

  13. I don’t have a PTC account so I was unable to view the document.
    I might update to include new revisions to the standard once I find a copy of the standard.

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