Original Wedding Music

This is the wedding music I composed for from my daughter’s wedding ceremony. The prelude music was the four Metcalfe String Quartets for two Violins, Viola and Cello. Although I had only completed three in time for the wedding, I have included all four here. These are still a work in progress and these may not be the final versions. The Metcalfe Quartets were played during the seating of the guests:

Metcalfe Quartet No 1-128

– The second movement of Quartet No. 1 was reworked after a scolding for using the key of F#. Apparently not the favorite key for string players. I reworked the motif to the key of G which required development of a new transition section before the final recapitulation.

Metcalfe Quartet No 2-128

Metcalfe Quartet No 3-128

Metcalfe Quartet No 4-128


The quartets were updated to more recent versions December 23, 2010. -OO-

Quartet No 3 was played at the 2011 KW Symphony Music Marathon. The link is:

The bridal party march for the brides maids was my composition Passacaglia for a Summer’s Day – for Strings, Oboe, Flute and Celesta:

The Bridal Party Processional -Passacaglia for a Summer’s Day

The bridal march was composed with larger instrumentation. As the bridal march is the musical cornerstone of a wedding, I wanted the piece to stand out musically in the program. It starts with horns to bring the guests attention to the arrival of the bride and gradually builds with the brides arrival at the alter. The piece is call The Andante Wedding March – for Trumpets, French Horn, Strings, Oboes and Bassoon:

The Bridal Processional -The Andante Wedding March

I had written a vocal piece, You’re The One, which my younger daughter sang accompanied by my son on guitar. However I do not have a version with them performing it at this time, but I may up load it when I can corral them into recording the tracks. Here are the lyrics:

You’re the One Words & Music by Peter Kanold

It started with a touch

A touch became a kiss

That blossomed into love

and lead us both to this

Beside the ones we love

This special place, this special day

As we fulfill our vows

They see us on our way

   I’m so glad I found you

   I know you’re the one

   I’ll build my world around you

   through the years to come

Two simple bands of gold

Something borrowed

Something blue

You’re forever joined to me

I’m forever joined to you


 I make you mine

Until the world is done

and I’ll be yours,

forever more

I know you’re the one


Two simple bands of gold

Something borrowed

Something blue

You’re forever joined to me

I’m forever joined to you

For the registry signing of the ceremony, I composed a string piece for the waiting guests called the Intermezzo Waltz. It starts and finishes with a theme that musically represents waiting. The center section reflects the daydream that usually interrupts any extended period of time waiting:

The Registry Signing Interlude – The Intermezzo Waltz

The final piece is the wedding recessional, Giocando Scherzotina – for Strings, two Flutes and Bassoon. This is meant to be the happiest section of music in the ceremony reflecting the happiness of the wedding day and the completion of the marriage ceremony:

The Wedding Recessional – Giocando Scherzotina


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  1. Nancy says:

    How lovely. It “sounds” like it was a happy wedding.

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