Software Development

Metrology related Programs I developed:
kanSCAN: A program the reads output files from PCDMIS and MeasureX and automatically compiles the data into Excel sheets.


 Curve Analysis: A program to perform analysis on force displacement curves.

Scan vs DXF: A program that compares 2D scanned data against a 2D DXF file

Scan vs DXF

Feature Control Frame Generator: Creates GD&T feature control frames and welding symbols that can be inserted into documents.
More Details Here

Just for fun:

Atari 800 – 6502 Assembler Editor: This program is an Atari 800 in line Assembler Editor that compiles on the fly.  A work in progress so I can have fun with some old eight bit programming.

Atari 800 – 6502 Assembler Editor
You can download a beta version here: AtariAssembler.application

Some Other Mobile Phone Apps for BlackBerry 10 and Android:

A geometric dimensioning and tolerancing handbook. For Blackberry 10 and Android
BB10 – GD&T Handbook
Android version

Here’s a video presentation of the app:

A music notation training program – For Blackberry 10 and Android
BB10 – Music Notation
Android version

Number Cruncher App to perform common calculations related to metrology:
Mid-Value, Hypotenuse, GD&T Position and Inch/mm Unit Converter
Android Number Cruncher

A simple knitting stitch counter for my sweetheart:
BB10 Knit Count

A program to assist in running the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test. The test requires you to time participants. This little android app makes it easy.
FM100 Timer

4 thoughts on “Software Development

  1. I have used your font generator in the past and a friend of mine noted that you also have a software page. I went to it in hopes of downloading the kanSCAN data compiler. Any chance you could email it to me?

  2. Sorry James, I don’t share that particular program. There used to be a similar program called StepAhead (Transformation Software) that may still be available. I understand it apparently works quite well.

  3. I am unable to find an up to date version of the program but will email an earlier version with a couple test files.

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