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Much to my surprise and delight Skepticallity closed a podcast with my song “Just Think” that my daugther Rebekah and I made. I think that’s pretty cool. It’s my love song to skepticism:

Here’s the link to the song:
Just Think

Here’s a link to the video presentation of the song for the 2013 World Religions Conference;
Just Think Video

Just Think   By Peter Kanold
How can we know the things we know are true
Where can we go to find the path to truth
How can we test our ideology

Let your reason be your strength and guide
Follow the facts and evidence you find
Don’t be afraid to
Follow the way to
Anywhere it may lead

Find the joy of thinking critically
Know your bias learn your fallacies
It’s ok to change what you believe

If you find you’re feeling insecure
Know it’s ok to not know things for sure
When you seek guidance
Look to the science
there you will find the key

Just think scientifically
Replace your doubt – with curiosity

In this life we’re easily led astray
Our minds get lost in all the shades of grey
If troubles besiege you
reason can lead you
to finding a better way

Just think for yourself
Don’t just take – the word of someone else

Beware the ones who try to sell their version of the truth
Who proffer easy answers but can offer you no proof
Like Socrates and Sagan it’s time to take a stand
and be a better woman and be a better man

Just think if our thoughts were free
Just think how this world could be
Just think





3 Responses to Just Think

  1. Hyatt Baker says:

    That is an amazing song, both lyrics and melody with harmony. Can you get this published. Thank you for making a very great contribution to the FreeThinking movement.

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  3. -OO- says:

    Thanks – We worked very hard on it
    Share it with your friends.

    @Hyatt Baker

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