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A web page of some of my creative work.

Most of my stuff is free to use. For me the creation process is it’s own reward. If you would like to support my creative work you can donate here:

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  1. Hey there:

    I have the Y14.5-2009 FCF generator. I was wondering if I can somehow get to see the source code for it – in VB.net format, preferably?


  2. Xinyu,

    I do have the source code in VB.net however, I don’t think I want to release it all just yet. If you are interested in particular things that are going on in the program, I would be happy to send you the pertinent code. It is likely better to discuss this directly by email. Send me any specific questions to this email: micronus@rogers.com and I will help if you can.


  3. Hi,

    I have downloaded your Y14.5 2009 FCF Creator and have been using it briefly. Thank You for an excellent piece of software that performs so well.

    One other thing I would like it to do would be to create

    Ø 1.000 or

    Ø —– except a solid line with less space between the line

    and the numbers. You see these callouts frequently on drawings and this is hard to create in many applications such as MS Excel spreadsheet cells.

    Thank You,

  4. Rob,

    I think I understand what you are looking for, but could you send me a picture of the callout to my home email (micronus@rogers.com) and I may add it to the program.


  5. Peter,
    Great program. I have been fooling around with it for just a short time and it’s just what the doctor ordered. One small problem, when I copy and print to my inspection report the GD&T does not print correctly. I am using Windows 2013. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Your description is a little vague, but you can try copying the data with the “Copy Bitmap” option rather than “Copy Characters” option set.
    Alternately, It may be that the destination inspection report computer does not have the GD&T font installed on it.
    I may be able to help if you can provide additional details.

  7. I use your Y14.5 2009 FCF Creator at work with Windows 7 and love it. I am trying to use it at home on windows 10 and it cannot recognize where the fonts are. It tells me I need to load the fonts, and I have. then it tells me error 91 (Object variable or With block variable not set)in procedure FormMain_Load of FormMain
    Can you help?

  8. Steve,

    I have never tested it using Windows 10 so I can’t offer you any advice other than to try running it in administrator mode to see if that helps.
    When I update my system to windows 10 I can likely offer you some help then but I have no plans to do so in the near future,
    Installing the fonts should be a simple task of drag and dropping them in the appropriate folder if that is indeed the issue.


  9. @-OO-
    I found an answer to the windows 10 problem. I loaded the 2013 version you have and it runs just fine in windows 10. So why doesn’t the latest? I don’t know.

  10. At next update please ensure the diameter symbol can be selected to place in front of the tolerance for concentricity.

  11. Hi Peter.

    I’m a GD&T teacher and I use your Y14.5 2009 FCF Creator at work with Windows 7

    and I have some feedback to you, please see below:

    1) The symbol T is dead, it doesn’t work in the Feature
    ontrol Frame screen.

    2) Please add the new symbol (dynamic zone) as per ASME Y14.5 2016 (draft)

    Thank you


    image with the feedback, please see the e-mail sent to micronus@rogers.com

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